You may have seen tweets, TikToks, and Facebook statuses that start with “She’s a 10, but,” adding to a trend that started on social media within the last few weeks, proving that we’re not all perfect. 

The game started to imply that we all have our own flaws, and while you could have every excellent quality, there’s one thing that can be a bit of a red flag for some. 

“She’s a 10, but” scores someone on their overall draw, which factors in looks, quirks, bad habits, past experiences, and personal interests. 

But what are some things in Buffalo that would maybe strip away the perfect score of a 10?

We asked you for your responses on Facebook, and here are the best 20 answers for “she’s a 10, but…” Buffalo Edition.

S/he's a 10, but...

1. says "ballpark" instead of Sahlens

2. eats ranch with pizza and wings.

3. uses Tabasco instead of Franks Red Hot.

4. never heard of sponge candy.

5. thinks Taco Bell is better than Mighty Taco.

6. they are a Patriots fan.

7. prefers ranch with their wings.

8. can't pronounce "Scajaquada."

9. doesn't like Bison Chip Dip.

10. thinks the Chip Strip is a good place to party on the weekends.

11. they don't #BILLIEVE.

12. thinks the Jets are a NY Team.

13. doesn't know how to bait a hook.

14. doesn't know what a kummelweck is.

15. hasn't destroyed a table yet.

16. chooses Starbucks over Tim Hortons.

17. does not own Zubaz.

18.  thinks Duff's is too spicy.

19. uses ranch to make Buffalo chicken wing dip.

20. uses a fork to eat their wings.

Did anyone come to mind? What would you add to the trend to keep the Buffalo theme going?

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