A Buffalo, New York restaurant is facing quite some backlash after a recent social media post on Indigenous People Day. Of course, there has been a movement the past couple of years to replace 'Columbus Day' with 'Indigenous People Day' with over 100 United States cities officially recognizing the change.

After the Buffalo Bills win over the Kansas City Chiefs, local Western New York restaurant, The Sterling on Hertel, posted a controversial caption that saw some backlash. The popular restaurant is known for its karaoke in the North Buffalo scene.

The post was:

Happy Indigenous People Day!


Let's celebrate a Bills victory over the
Indigenous People's Chiefs. Isn't' it great we beat down those Chiefs, and stomped on their Arrowhead. Nothing like silencing those silly little war drums the Chiefs fans were beating at Arrowhead Stadium. Christopher Columbus would be proud! #BillsMafia

The post was met with comments including, "I'll take comment noone asked for" for $1,000, Alex", "Disgusting" or "Finally another reason to never go back to this place".

At the time of posting this, it seemed as though The Sterling Facebook page has been disabled.

Within sports, the nicknames for some teams has become a hot topic and controversial one to say the least. Within the National Football League, they saw the Washington Redskins drop their nickname after the 2019 and just use a generic 'Washington Football Team' name.

Here are some popular teams within sports that still are causing controversy with their name: The Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Blackhawks, among many others.

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