Everyone was coming after Rachel Bush, the model who is married to Buffalo Bill safety, Jordan Poyer, after she posted on Twitter. She posted about the tickets that are available for the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots game this coming Saturday at Highmark Stadium.

It is going to be super cold out on Saturday for the Bills game, and all of the sudden those hard-to-get tickets went down in price FAST. At one point you could sit in the 300s for only 30 bucks. I know that they were in the 300's, but to go to a Buffalo Bills PLAYOFF game, that is still a steal.

Tickets have hardly gone up. The price today (the day before the game) has gone up to 40 bucks. New England fans have pointed out that the people in Western New York "don't even want to go to the game" on social media.

So, Rachel Bush, took to Twitter to point out those unbought tickets.

These two comments in her Twitter post seemed to really rile Bills fans up:

"The guys are out there for you". and

'Buy those tickets, bundle up, and show up!'...particularly, the 'show up' part.

A lot of Bills fans took offense as if they were not going to show up or something. The Bills Mafia started commenting like:

"You doubt Bills mafia would show up? Lol wow"

"I’m all for fans showing out but to say the “the guys are out there FOR you (us)” is a bit of a stretch when you account for the millions of dollars they get paid to be out there."

Poyer, one of the best secondaries in the National Football League was snubbed a spot out of the Pro Bowl. (That's okay though, he wouldn't be able to make it anyone because the Buffalo Bills will be in the Super Bowl!)

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