The Buffalo Bills are currently playing the Las Vegas Raiders at Highmark Stadium this afternoon.

The Bills started out bad on the first offensive and defensive possession, but have since turned it around as they are currently (as of 1:45 pm), beating the Raiders. The Bills are looking to improve to 1-1 on the season.

This home opener was unique because of the drastic changes in parking in Orchard Park, due to the new stadium construction that will be taking place for the next three years. It forced many fans to find alternative routes and parking ideas at today's game. Traffic wasn't kind to many people heading to the game this morning.

The new constriction has taken up a lot of space, as crews dig to get ready to lay the foundation. That construction seems to be the site of an emergency situation that happened just before kickoff.

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According to WNY Fire Alerts, a person jumped a fence in the construction area and fell down a hole. It was unknown how deep the hole was but the victim had to be extricated from the hole and was then taken to ECMC. His condition is unknown.


Matt Bove of WKBW says that Erie County Sheriff’s had to rescue the 29-year-old man, who was naked, after he fell down the hole at the new stadium site. The man was under the influence of cocaine, LSD and marijuana.

It goes without saying, stay away from the construction area and do not jump any fence. It's fenced off for a reason and the number of construction vehicles and the amount of dirt and uneven land makes it a safety hazard for pedestrians.

Hopefully this does not happen again. This will be updated when more information is made known.

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