What could have been with the Buffalo Sabres in the 2023 playoffs.

The Sabres missed the postseason by just two points. If they had won just one of their losses against the Florida Panthers this past season, they would have made the playoffs and Florida would have missed. Instead, the Panthers are now in the Stanley Cup Final.

The future is bright with Buffalo, however, as they will be picked to make the playoffs in 2024.

It’s still such a young roster but the Sabres have some veterans sprinkled in their lineup. That includes their captain, Kyle Okposo.

But Okposo’s contract was up after this past season and many Sabres fans may have assumed that was it for his time in Buffalo and perhaps his career. He had lost a step and wasn’t a factor in offensive production. But the Sabres wanted bud leadership back.

The team announced late on Wednesday that they have re-signed Okposo to a one-year deal, worth $2.5 million.

Okposo’s leadership is valued and having a player like him see this through and get a postseason berth with this core is not lost on general manager Kevyn Adams.

Still, if you watched Sabres games last season then you know that Okposo was slower than pretty much everyone else on the ice. Buffalo is proving they believe his leadership is needed for their young roster.

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