This is the time of the year where all bets are off for snowfall. Once you reach mid-to-late November, expect anything in terms of snow and potential snowstorms.

Thanksgiving is less than one week away, so of all the weeks to get a significant snowstorm, next week is the last week to ever get one. Unfortunately, the weather models are becoming more clear of a potentially potent system heading for New York just before Turkey Day.

Many meteorologists are calling for heavy rain, wind and snow for New York next week. The timing would be Tuesday through Thanksgiving Day, with rain on Tuesday, shifting to a mix or all snow by Wednesday. The ramifications will be felt, since it's the busiest travel week of the entire year.

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For those off Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, Wednesday and Thanksgiving could bring big lake effect snow totals, with those in the southern tier of Western New York seeing the brunt of the snowfall. As for those downstate and in New York City, a classic "snow bomb" could be the setup for Wednesday and Thursday.

The problem is the temperatures. They will be in the 30's, so the line between rain and snow will be thin. We're still too far out for exact totals but those who have to travel Wednesday or Thursday of next week should be prepared to make necessary travel changes if need be.

That's not all either, as another system is poised to take shape the week after, with Tuesday and Wednesday being the dates to look out for. It appears we will end the month of November with some big snow totals travel impacts.

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