It got nuts at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday. 

Surely, the MLB has run into a situation like this before, but it has never caught the reaction of fans like it did during the game against the Baltimore Orioles. 

Everyone has seen a squirrel once in their life, right? But seeing a squirrel scurry in front of you along the railing can be a pretty terrifying experience. 

At least, it seems like it was for the people who were sitting front row to the squirrel show in the outfield on Tuesday. 

Jaws were agape, people seemed shocked…but it’s just a squirrel. 

It reminds me of the dog from the Disney movie Up.

Apparently the squirrel started it's trek in the Yankees’ bullpen before hurrying up to the top of the outfield wall. And as you can see from the clip above, the squirrel ended up falling down the eight-foot, five-inch tall outfield wall, but it’s ok – the squirrel miraculously managed to land upright.

Other Squirrel Incidents

You may remember some other squirrel encounters on the baseball diamond. There was a game earlier this season between the Tigers and Cardinals that featured a squirrel. 

There was another game last year between the Cubs and Pirates, which ended up being delayed because a squirrel got onto the field and had to be chased by the grounds crew, armed with buckets. 

And who can forget Rally Squirrel? Rally Squirrel was the name given to the gray squirrel that ran across home plate at Busch Stadium during a 2011 National League Division Series baseball game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Leave it to a squirrel to break the internet. 

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