Stefon Diggs, former star wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills, is now officially on the roster for the Houston Texans. However, that doesn’t mean that Bills Mafia isn’t checking up on him from time to time– including sharing this surprising mishap during a recent workout that is currently going viral.  

Is this video okay to laugh at?

BREAKING NEWS: Stefon Diggs Is Surprisingly Human

The former favorite wide receiver for quarterback Josh Allen, Diggs has always been known for his agility and coordination. But the other day, #14 found himself in an awkward situation at the gym. We feel bad watching this, knowing that it could have happened (and HAS happened) to many of us. But for some reason, we can’t stop refreshing the footage. 

Please don’t hate us for sharing this…

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Diggs, while balancing on a pilates reformer machine, suddenly lost his balance mid-workout and suddenly slipped and toppled over, landing in a heap on the floor.

The clip of the tumble quickly went viral, but thankfully, Diggs is okay and not hurt. He even had a sense of humor about the incident afterward on social media. 

Proof that even pro athletes can have some mishaps in their training from time to time, the hilarious video shows that keeping a positive attitude is so incredibly important. If we all could take the time to laugh at ourselves the way Diggs did and move on from our mistakes, the world would be a better place.

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