A woman in Toronto was struck in the face by a 110 mph baseball, and she refused to seek medical attention right away. 

Sounds shocking, right? Especially if you look at the pictures of the injuries…it seems that Liz McGuire should have had her head looked at right away. 

But as McGuire will tell you, she had a Blue Jays game to watch! 

McGuire must have been sitting at just the right spot for a foul ball allegedly hit by Bo Bichette (a former Buffalo Bison) to go directly over the mesh and make contact with her forehead. 


It left a pretty nice goose egg, if you look at the photo below. 

“Hey @BlueJays,” McGuire wrote on X. “I got my face mashed in by a 110mph foul off Bo Bichette's bat. I didn't even get the ball. I even stayed till the end of the game. Any way you can hook a girl up? #tothecore #bluejays

Many people wondered if the Blue Jays staff took the ball from her, and McGuire shared her side of the store. 

“I didn’t even get the ball,” McGuire wrote. “Lady who eventually got the ball that ricocheted off my face wouldn't give us the ball back and left the game early…with the section chanting, ‘Give her the ball.’

McGuire stayed for the remainder of the game before heading to St. Michael’s Hospital to get assessed for possible concussion and receive face x-rays. 

As of now, the Toronto Blue Jays haven’t publicly responded to the tweet, but a sports trading card company has taken a step to propel McGuire’s experience!

Topps, known for physical and digital collectibles (including baseball trading cards), created a custom Topps Now trading card of Liz McGuire and her giant goose egg. 

“ : We made a custom Topps Now trading card of Liz McGuire: the fan who took a 110MPH Bo Bichette foul ball to the head and STAYED AT THE GAME.

We produced exactly 110 copies, and we’re gifting them all to @lizzzzzzzzzzy.

Liz, you’re a champ!

I think Liz deserves at least a Bo Bichette baseball, right? That sounds like all she’s asking for, anyway. 

Glad to hear that she is OK. The netting around the baseball stadium is designed to prevent these kinds of injuries; however, you never know when you could be sitting in the ball zone. Fortunately, it sounds like the Blue Jays fan is doing alright.

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