The people of Buffalo and Western New York are having an amazing summer so far in the entertainment department. Not only is the 716 having a record year when it comes to shows, events, and concerts, but we've also had some amazing weather that has helped people really enjoy all the great things that Buffalo has to offer.

If you had any doubt that Western New York was a great place to be in the summer, you only needed to take a look at the last two weeks in downtown Buffalo.

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From the end of the middle of June to early July, Buffalo has seen a massive concert, a baseball team surging playing on the diamond, and a sports exhibition that brought thousands more downtown.

That fact wasn't lost on the Buffalo Bisons, as their home Sahlen Field, was the hub of all the activity over two weeks this year.

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According to the Bisons, between June 21, 2024, and July 7, 2024, nearly 150,000 fans passed through the gates at Sahlen Field downtown.

The overall turnout was quite impressive when you break it down:

  • More than 76,000 fans attended nine-straight Bisons games,
  • More than 20,000 people piled into the stadium to see the WYRK Toyota Taste of Country featuring Shaboozey and Old Dominion,
  • Plus, three sold-out exhibitions featuring the Savannah Bananas brought nearly 50,000 more people into Sahlen Field.

All told it's been a very successful few weeks for Western New York. The best part is that we have a lot more summer to go in Buffalo.

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