One key part of having a successful life and career is being properly educated. As the world around us becomes more technically advanced, the need for people to have those same skills increases.

According to data available from the US Census Bureau, more than 13% of Western New Yorkers have not earned their high school diploma, and another 26% have graduated from high school with no additional education.

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To ensure that people have the opportunity to advance their careers and education, SUNY Erie and the Town of Amherst are teaming up to make additional space available within the SUNY Erie Pathways Program.

What Is The Pathways Program?

According to the SUNY Erie Website, the Pathways Program offers distinct college prep assistance to help people become successful in learning.

Offering English as a Second Language, GED Education and Testing, and a Pre-Collegiate Program, SUNY Erie Pathways offers all the developmental courses that someone needs to either earn their High School Equivalency or take all the reading, math, and English courses they need to qualify to enter college.

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This program is great for folks who need to up their skills but need to do so nontraditionally. Classes are open to Erie County residents, and the next round of courses starts September 3, 2024. They are offered at the Northwest Amherst Community Center on North Pointe Pkwy, just off Sweet Home Road.

Of course, one of the best parts of this program is that it's totally free. For more information about these courses, visit here or call 716-631-7132.

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