Across the board, revenues generated by Batavia Downs patrons spiked upwardly during the first half of this year - and the effects are being felt regionally.

According to data compiled by Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corp., patrons of Batavia Downs gaming operations put $576,989,464 through the various machines at the Batavia destination. That was a $14.6 million increase from the first six months of 2023 or a 2.61% hike. Last year, patrons put $562.38 Million in at Batavia Downs.

Batavia Downs is the centerpiece of Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corp.’s operations.

“It shows that people view Batavia Downs as one of the region’s top gaming and entertainment destinations,” said Henry Wojtaszek, Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corp. President and CEO. “We know there are many options out there, but Batavia Downs continues to be a major draw.”

For the first six months of 2024, the net win - the funds that remain with Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corp. was $43,532.582 or up $1.3 million - or a 3.29% increase - for last year’s same six-month period.

Gaming revenues bound for the New York State Education Fund rose nearly 3%, increasing from $20 million in 2023’s first two quarters to $20.6 million this year.

And, slightly more than $4.7 million will be distributed to the 15 Western New York counties and two cities that comprise the Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corp. footprint.

“Taken together, these are examples of how Batavia Downs has a positive ripple effect across Western New York,” said Dennis Bassett, Western Region Off-Track Betting Corp. Chairman.

Batavia Downs 84-room hotel, where an expansion is being discussed, reported an 83% occupancy rate overall for the first eix months of the year, with the occupancy rate increasing to 91.8% on weekends. The hotel generated more than $1.2 million in revenues for Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corp.

Combined the entire Batavia Downs operations continue to have a positive spin-off impact on the City of Batavia.

”It is part of Batavia’s culture,” said Rachael Tabelski, Batavia City Manager. “Batavia Downs is not only one of largest employers, everything they do is a boost to our economy. People come to Batavia because of the track and casino but they also discover places like our restaurants."

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