New York State dominated a list of the "worst tourist traps" in the United States. Do you agree?

24/7 Wall Street recently named the "18 Worst Tourist Traps in America."

To craft its list, the website searched ten different travel blogs and websites. Four landmarks across New York State made the list.

Four New York State Landmarks Among "Worst Tourist Traps in America"


Four New York State Landmarks Among Worst Tourist Traps in America

24/7 Wall Street recently named the 18 Worst Tourist Traps in America. New York State dominated the list.

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Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Times Square In New York City; Niagara Falls In Western, New York Make List

Do you agree these landmarks are really "tourist traps?"

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Despite all four being labeled a “tourist trap” it doesn't mean you should "steer clear,"  24/7 Wall Street states.

"A lot of travelers can tell some pretty great stories of their experiences at a tourist trap. These places can, indeed, be memory-makers," 24/7 Wall Street states about "18 Worst Tourist Traps in America."

Times Square Biggest Tourist Trap In The World

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Another publication agrees with Times Square being a "tourist trap." The online language learning platform Preply, recently put out a survey of over 80 iconic locations around the globe to determine "The World's Most Stressful Tourist Traps."

Times Square is the biggest tourist trap on the globe, according to research from Preply.

"Its legendary status attracts approximately 330,000 people daily – which some say makes it a stressful and overcrowded experience," Preply states.

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