Rock Fest returns to Sunset Bay Beach Club on Saturday, June 22.

Rock Fest features the best, most authentic tribute bands you'll ever see. There are incredible tributes to Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Metalica, Iron Maiden, Skid Row, AC/DC, and more!

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Rock Fest Bands

  1. Featuring Areo Force Tribute to Areo Smith
  2. Motley Krue Tribute to Motley Crue
  3. Hellz Bellz Tribute to ACDC
  4. Metal Mitilia Tribute to Metallica
  5. POWER SLAVESTribute to Iron Maiden
  6. Skidd Row Tribute to Youth Gone Wid

Rock Fest is always an epic experience!

Get tickets now at, CLICK HERE

Or at the door on Saturday.

VIP Packages are available.

The show begins at 1 pm and goes until 9 pm.

Saturday's weather forecast for Sunset Bay looks gorgeous, too. 85 degrees and partly sunny! It's a perfect time to get out to the beach and rock out.


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