Top WNY Commercials
Without a doubt, we have some pretty good marketing business-savvy people around here in Western New York. We know this because every other commercial you know exactly how it is going to end because they're catchy (sometimes over-played) commercial has embedded itself in our heads, which is exactly what these guys like to hear...
The Best Dove Beauty Sketches Parodies
Surely you've seen this ad from Dove, in which a forensic sketch artist draws women as they describe themselves, then as other women describe them, then everybody starts crying? If not, it's here for the watching, just to give you some context before we settle in to what this is really all about -- making fun of that ad.
Punk’s Not Dead — At Least Not in Commercials [VIDEO]

Punk is definitely not dead -- it's just old and drunk. There are a lot of commercials that I've seen that made me think, “WTF? I know this song!” and while people may get angry that certain -- possibly slightly inappropriate -- songs are being used to sell products, I just laugh.

Watch This Ridiculous Commercial That We Think is For Beer
Anytime a beer commercial begins with a robotic stink finger giving the old “show stopper” to a wall mounted cassette deck armed ready to pump out the Knight Rider theme song, you know you’re in for a treat. Of course, up until a few days ago, we had never in our lives witnessed such a commercial...
Super Bowl Commercials Spoiled By Internet We live in the day of the Internet. Where nothing is kept private, thanks to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on and so forth. But the fact that companies are releasing their Super Bowl commercials via the web early is really getting to me. I know they want the viral storm, but won’t that come Sunday night?
2012 Doritos Superbowl Commercial Finalists [VIDEO]
Hands down, "Hot Wild Girls" gets our vote.  Although "Sling Baby" and "Man's Best Friend" are awesome too.  These are three of the five commercials Doritos has selected as finalists in its annual Superbowl commercial contest.  The winner gets a million bucks and a trip to the Superbowl.

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