Family Guy

Yes this may be an older video but it really captures the true meaning of what being a mom is... Being relentlessly annoyed time and time again for things that may not even matter. So does that make JACK FM like a kid since we relentlessly annoy you with things that may not matter...
Happy Sung as Family Guy [VIDEO]
Family Guy, has made us laugh, cry, and sometime throw up. But now with the age of You Tube and a million people who do half decent impersonations JACK FM proudly brings you a cover of Pharell Williams "Happy" sung in the key of Family Guy.
MacFarlane Responds
Barely one full day after the tragic events of the Boston Marathon bombings, and already a tasteless parody video has begun to make the rounds, splicing together several different clips from FOX's long-running animation titan 'Family Guy' to make it appear as if a March 17 episode predicted yesterda…

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