Mother's Day

Bad Mamas
If movies and TV have taught us anything, it's that all mothers are NOT created equal. While some fictional moms might be willing to play the doting matriarch, others engage in twisted mind games, dole out severe corporal punishment and even commit murder most foul. Think about that the next time you forget to call your mom on Mother's Day.
I Pity The Fool [VIDEO]
That don't love their momma! Yes mothers day was yesterday. Unless your a wrestling fan you probably didn't get a chance to see this video. What could possibly be better than a little Motherly Love from the American Bad Boy himself Mr. T...
Yes this may be an older video but it really captures the true meaning of what being a mom is... Being relentlessly annoyed time and time again for things that may not even matter. So does that make JACK FM like a kid since we relentlessly annoy you with things that may not matter...
Joe's Picks
The World's Largest Yardsale is this weekend at the Hamburg Fairgrounds. Join JACK this Saturday from 9-4 and check out hundreds of vendors indoors and out and discover the treasure you've been hunting for! The Elmwood -  Bidwell Farmers Market opens this weekend and runs every Saturday throughout the summer rain or shine...
Watch a Sweet ‘Yo Mama’ Battle for Mother’s Day
If you're having a hard time coming up with a nice thing to say to your mom, because you want to say something nice, but you don't want to sound too sincere because GROSS people shouldn't share their feelings like that, you should watch this video from Rhett and Link.
10 Mothers Only a Son Could Love
With Mother's Day just around the corner, we thought it might be a good time for some reflection. Our moms can be pretty annoying sometimes, what with all the calling and emailing, but it's only because they care. Unfortunately, not all moms have a warm, motherly heart; here's our list of 10 Mothers Only a Son Could Love, some fictional, and some terrible, horribly real...

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