Ski Season Comes Early
Whether you ride two planks or one, it's time the one thing skiers and boarders wait all year for: opening day. This year it's coming nice and early, thanks to the cold temps we've had for the past week. Kissing Bridge is opening this Wednesday, November 27 -- that's earlier than…
Awesome Skier
Two dudes found an abandoned five-story building in Whittier, Alaska. Like anyone would, they decided to take high quality video of one of them skiing down the cramped stairwells of the building and post it to Vimeo. You just have to click below to watch it:
The skier is Logan Imlach, while the video…
Little Kid Falls Asleep On Skis [VIDEO]
Poor young Cody is all tuckered out from a long day of carving turns, bouncing through moguls and chasing snow bunnies. Luckily his ski boots were there to help hold him up because Dad sure wasn't going to take a hand off the camera to keep him from taking a header as he swayed back and forth.
Lack Of Snow Not A Problem For Local Ski Resort
Mother Nature has not been her normal snowy self yet this winter, but never fear...she will eventually arrive! In the meantime Holiday Valley has been making snow at every available opportunity.
This photo shows 10 to 15 foot mounds of manmade snow on the Northwind trail...
World Cup Highlights
No vuvuzelas here. This is Skiing's World Cup. Competitors of the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup sail high over the crowds during the annual tournament, in which Norway's Tom Hilde took the championship last weekend. Since Jack FM is heading out to Kissing Bridge tonight, we thought we could u…
Drop into the New Year
So no matter how your last night of 2010 goes there is one truly perfect way to spend your New Year's day. On the amazing slopes of a Ski Resort, there is nothing better than that.