sunday funday

Mickey Rats Opens This Weekend
Ahhhh, that time of year has finally arrived. One of the holiest of holy days is upon us. Good Friday? More like Awesome Friday. Mickey Rats / Captain Kidds opens their doors for the 2012 season tomorrow!
Jack’s Sunday Funday at the Beach
Rather than complain about the heat, put on your best pair of speedos and come play with Jack FM at the Beach every Sunday. Yesterday, the cool breeze coming off Lake Erie kept us comfortable at Mickey Rats and Captain Kidds for our Sunday Funday Party...
Sunday Funday At Mickey Rats & Captain Kidd’s With JACK FM
Ahhh, that time of year is finally upon us once again...and as long as the world doesn't come to an end on Saturday, you can find us at Mickey Rats this Sunday.  Actually, I will be okay with the world coming to an end, but please let us get at least one Sunday Funday in this year.