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Watch Willie Nelson
" a good actor, but, hell, I'm Willie Nelson!" That's right, you are.
The legendary country star and marijuana enthusiast just turned 80 years old on April 30th, but instead of us honoring him with a gift, he's given the world the best thing ever -- a spoof audition reel for 'The Hobbit 2.'…
Willie Nelson Has to Sing in Court As Part of Pot Plea
Last November, Willie Nelson was arrested after border control agents smelled a marijuana-like odor (surprise, surprise) coming out of the singer's tour bus, and then found the 77-year old in possession of six grams of the wacky tobacco. Well, now it's time for Willie to face the judge, an…
Celebrities Busted With Weed
In light of Willie Nelson getting arrested for possessing six ounces of weed, I thought I'd share this article I found celebrities busted for marijuana .  I wonder how much they smoked before they got pulled over.