This week we check out the historic village of Williamsville, NY!  Quick a first history fact then we're off to the fun stuff. Did you know the FIRST mill was built by Jonas Williams in 1811, giving the village its first name, "Williams Mills".  It's true, I found it in Wikipedia.

NOW then, let's show you the Top 3 things to do in the village according to Trip Advisor!

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1.  Glen Falls.  A true jewel in the heart of Williamsville.  Here's one reviewers account of this park:

"The Falls in Glen Park are beautiful. It is a back drop for many wedding photos in the summer. It is also a place for kids to meet, for garden lovers to admire the flowers and walkways and a peaceful destination for anyone seeking solitude. This little gem in the heart of Williamsville should not be missed! It is a treasure in a charming village with so much character. The wildlife there is abundant also. Baby bunnies scamper about the park and baby ducks start hatching in early May. It is worth a visit by everyone!"

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2.  Patriots and Heroes Park.  All great reviews according to Trip Advisor.  It will make you proud to be an American.

"This is a dedication park in front of Russell's Steak house that is a memorium to our fallen soldiers at Battle of the Bulge and also the victims of the crash of Flight 3407. Privately maintained and every year something different for visitors."

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3.  Regal Cinemas Transit Center Stadium 18 IMAX.  Yeah I know this is a national movie chain, but it DID rank in the top three, and hey....Star Wars looks super-sweet on the IMAX.

"Went here to see Star Wars in imax. It was amazing. At first I thought it was a bit too much & wondered if I could watch the whole movie with the glasses on but after a few minutes I was relaxed & amazed. So vivid. Such detail. Will definitely watch more imax movies in the future. Worth the extra money."