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"Dad bods" and "dad jokes" are back in style, and since the snow is on its way back to Buffalo this week, we decided it's only appropriate to bring out the "dad" essentials for the winter. Don't worry dads, the kids won't make fun of you too bad.

  • 1

    Car Windshield Cover

    Tired of scraping the snow for you and the rest of the family? Look no further.

  • 2

    Car Escape Mat

    Got stuck in the driveway because you were too lazy to snow blow? Car Escape Mats.

  • 3

    Heated Jacket

    The driveway isn't going to get rid of the snow on its own so at least be warm doing it, dad.

  • 4

    Heated Gloves

    Better keep your hands warm too.

  • 5

    Emergency Kit

    Super dad can't always get to the car in a ditch quickly, so make sure the kids are covered too.

  • 6

    Snow Shovel With Wheels

    Don't hurt yourself out there dad, we found a shovel with wheels.