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You can find just about anything you need on Amazon, and most of it has a purpose, but have you ever purchased something just because it's extra weird? We found some of the most unusual items that you can buy on Amazon.. because, why not?


  • 1

    1500 Live Ladybugs

    If you need some extra luck in your life, apparently Amazon is the place to go..

  • 2

    Frog Soap

    Just in case you feel the need to scare your friends when they come over here is some soap that actually looks like a frog... and yes... it has a name.

  • 3

    Wine For Your Cat

    Plan on staying in with your cat this weekend? Enjoy some wine together.

  • 4

    Cell Phone Jail Cell

    Sick of your friends being on their phones when you hang out? Simple.. put it in jail.

  • 5

    Car French Fry Holder

    Never know where to put your french fries while you're driving? French fry holder.

  • 6

    Pickle Lip Balm

    We all know someone who loves pickles a little too much..

  • 7

    Mop Slippers

    Don't feel like cleaning the floors and just want to be comfy? Good thing mop slippers exist.