Tye Trujillo + Noah Weiland, the sons of Metallica's Rob Trujillo and late Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland, have formed a new rock band Blu Weekend, making their live debut last weekend on June 27.

Blu Weekend's formation comes not long after the dissolution of alt-rock band Suspect208, which not only featured bassist Trujillo and singer Weiland (who was later dismissed), but drummer London Hudson, son of Guns N' Roses legend Slash, as well. Suspect208 released their first song, "Long Awaited," last November and rolled out a couple more before ultimately folding in late May.

Now, Trujillo and Weiland will focus on Blu Weekend, who performed live at the iHollywood Film Fest at the Woman's Club of Hollywood where Scott Page (who toured with Pink Floyd on their A Momentary Lapse of Reason run), Chris Grainger, Paul Gervasi Band, Derek Day, and Wicked Witch all played.

"I guess we have more of a punk vibe. What we're gonna play tonight is gonna be more of a punk vibe to it," Trujillo said in an interview with Eric Blair (video below). "We're gonna play a song [called] 'Shark Attack', playing one of Noah's old songs. So it should be pretty fun."

"Punk as in just doing what we want, whatever feels right, not caring what other people think, really. I don't think there's really a definition of punk. People say punk is 'this' or punk is 'that' but it's just whatever you want it to be," Weiland added later.

The two are flanked by guitarist Anthony Laurie and drummer Jackson Morris, both of whom have experience playing together in a band called Primality. Morris met Trujillo and Weiland through Laurie, who was already a good friend of Trujillo's, and they hit it off while jamming and formed Blu Weekend.

Blair also inquired about Trujillo's availability regarding the vacant bass position in Korn as Fieldy recently announced he has taken a hiatus from the group. Trujillo, who previously filled in for Fieldy on tour in 2017 at the age of 12, replied, "I'm ready. I know the songs from a while back, so I have my experience playing. If they're interested then I'm obviously more than down to go play with them."

Watch the full 'Blaring Out With Eric Blair Show' interview directly below.

Blu Weekend Interviewed by Eric Blair

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