The Rolling Stones are bringing their "No Filter Tour" to New Era Field on June 6th. Holy cow.

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Tickets go on sale on Friday, February 14th, but Jack wants to send you to the show for free. That's nice of us, right?

But we're not just sending you to the show, we're going to tack on a $1,500 ring from Paul's Jewelry Designs.

See, it's funny, because diamonds are stones...and the band is called The Rolling Stones. It's funny. JUST LAUGH, OKAY?

All YOU have to do to get in to win is give us the (ring) finger. Send us a picture of you showing Jack that we're number one using the (ring) finger of your choice, and you'll be automatically entered to win not only some awesome tickets but a terrific prize to go with it. Diamonds and debauchery, am I right?

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