This is one of those "no wayyyyy" reactions you will have today.

Some incredible footage of a giant sheet of ice cracking in a timelapse video on Lake Michigan has surfaced (see what I did there? lol) and it was all over the internet yesterday.

There was a camera on a sky-high building off the Chicago coast of the lake that caught all the footage and it is a pretty cool sight to see. The total time of the video sped up is less than a day. It is a notable few weeks for the weather in Chicago. By Buffalo standards this is not exactly impressive--but, Chicago had 9 days in a row of snow, which almost broke a 78 year old record they had.

The footage shows the ENTIRE sheet of ice break. You are going to want to keep rewatching the initial crack over and over and over again, trust us! Mother nature at her finest!

Take a look at Lake Michigan from above, too!

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With the warming temps this week, the ice started to break, but that also caused some problems. One dog got stuck out on the ice and the fire department had to go rush out to go save him. Luckily, the Australian Labradoodle was okay.

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