What would you do if you won $1,000? I’m guessing you probably wouldn't give it away. I’m also guessing that you aren't a straight-up angel or good-karma-for-life-haver like Wyatt Erber.

The 8 year old from Edwardsville, Ill., recently won a scavenger hunt with a grand prize of $1,000, but instead of using it to buy video games and candy like most 8 year olds might, he donated it to his 2-year-old neighbor who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

Not only did he donate his prize, but according to MSNBC, he had it planned from the beginning.

“When [Wyatt] learned about an extensive, summer-long scavenger hunt in his town, he went for it. And when he learned the scavenger hunt winner would pocket a cool $1,000, he immediately knew what he would do with the money.”

Wyatt eagerly called up his friend’s mom to tell her the good news after he won and asked how much chemo it would buy her daughter. The mother, flabbergasted, initially refused the offer (because it was literally like taking candy from a baby?) but soon accepted after realizing the true heart and compassion behind the proposal.


If this story doesn’t warm your heart, than you are a cold, dead fish. You know, Jack FM isn’t always about the cynicism and sarcasm. Sometimes our staff meetings are just us Google-imaging kittens while we all cuddle. Other times we draw pictures of rainbows while thinking about sunshine. There are even days where Joe Russo bakes cupcakes and braids everyone’s hair. But today, we are looking at this picture and trying to be more like Wyatt Erber.