If you think you know everything about Buffalo, then think again. Check out our collaboration of the wackiest stuff about Buffalo we bet you didn't know.

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    Longest Running Race in America

    The annual YMCA Turkey Trot started in 1896 and claims to be the oldest continually running public footrace in North America.

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    Largest Dyngus Day Celebration in America

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    Over 200 Movies Filmed

    Over 200 movies have been filmed in and around Buffalo, including "Best Friends", "Bruce Almighty", "Hide in Plain Sight", "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" and "Tuck Everlasting" (both the 1981 and 2002 version).

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    First Man in U.S. Executed by Electric Chair Was a Buffalo Native

    William Kemmler was convicted in 1889 for the murder of his common-law wife, according to BuffaloAH.com. On Aug. 6, 1890, following an unsuccessful appeal, Kemmler became the first man in U.S. history to die in the electric chair.

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    You Can Make an Entire Sentence with Only the Word Buffalo

    “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo” is a sentence. Here’s how — buffalo can be an adjective meaning (from) Buffalo, NY, a noun meaning bison and a verb meaning to bully or intimidate.

    So think of it like this — “The buffalo from Buffalo who are buffaloed by buffalo from Buffalo, buffalo (verb) other buffalo from Buffalo.”

    And there you have it; Bison from Buffalo who are intimidated by bison from Buffalo are themselves intimidating bison from Buffalo.

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    Western New York Has Been Featured on the Food Network a Lot

    Some WNY restaurants featured on the Food Network include Anchor Bar (of course), Blackthorn Restaurant and Pub, Grovers Bar & Grill, Lake Effect Diner, Schwabl's and Sophia's Restaurant.

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    Buffalo Was Once Home to More Millionaires Per Capita Than Any Other City

    In the early 1900's, many millionaires lived along Delaware Avenue in the ornate mansions in what was then known as Millionaires Row, according to BuffaloAH.com.

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    Buffalo Was Not the First Choice for Buffalo Bills Owner Ralph Wilson

    Ralph Wilson first tried to get his team located in Miami and when they turned him down he located in Buffalo, according to BuffaloRumblings.com.