Father's Day is coming this Sunday and lucky for dad, the weather's looking great. Forecasts call for highs in the mid-to-high 70s with plenty of sunshine.

Father's Day is one of my favorite days of the year. I spent so much time with my dad growing up and he sacrificed a lot for me and my best interests. So, when Father's Day comes around I usually take him out for a big lunch or dinner and if there's one thing we do REALLY well in Buffalo, it's locally-owned restaurants.

Every dad is different. Some like to go out for a cool dinner with drinks, while some dads don't mind something simple (which is definitely my dad).

However, let's be honest, most dads love the same things when it comes to food: fried food, burgers, steaks, chicken fingers, IPA's, hazy IPA's, sour brews, stouts, etc.

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There's no shortage of those things in Buffalo and the surrounding suburbs. Whether you live in the northtowns, southtowns, or in the City of Buffalo, there are a ton of great choices for dad's special day this weekend.

I'm definitely taking my dad to one of these places this weekend, no matter how much he insists he doesn't need it. Dads deserve to be spoiled too.

Here are 10 places to take dad for Father's Day this Sunday in Western New York.

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Dad will love these places.

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