It's been over a decade since a new flavored soda has been released by Coca-Cola and although the wait is finally over, is the new flavor anything to be excited about...

After spending many years trying to perfect the newest flavor, shared the news that Coke has officially released Orange Vanilla Coca Cola and Orange Vanilla Coca Cola Zero Sugar. The new flavors will hit store shelves starting February 25th nationwide. The Creamsicle-like flavor is here to stay and will be available in both 12oz and 20oz cans.

Don't get me wrong, this flavor seems to be worth a try, and probably will be a big hit at bars if used as a mixer... but 10 years of work and THIS is the "out of the box" result? I was hoping for something like Key-lime grape, coconut lemon, or buttered popcorn! Shoot, did I just give away some amazing suggestions.. Pepsi jump on this!


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