There's no doubt that many Bills fans are proud of what the early '90s teams accomplished -- as well they should be. Four straight years appearing in the Super Bowl. Some all-time Bills players that became Hall of Famers (Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Bruce Smith) and consistent success put Buffalo in the spotlight.

If you were watching the Bills during that era, it was a great time. Although, if you're someone like me, which missed out on all those teams simply because of my age, it's a bummer.

I started watching the Bills right when the 17-year playoff drought started. I missed all of the great and got pretty much all of the bad, and boy was there a lot of bad...

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I heard this from my dad and older brother all the time when I was growing up: "I loved the Super Bowl teams; I miss those days."

I heard about the players from those teams all the time, the games, the seasons; weekly from my family members.

It got to the point that I heard my dad talk about those early '90s teams far more than the current Bills teams from 2003-2007-2014, whatever year of the drought it was.

Even now, we finally have a great team that's a legitimate Super Bowl contender, and I still hear all about the Super Bowl appearance teams from roughly 30 years ago.

I wasn't exactly "proud" of those drought teams I had to watch as a Bills fan, but it's like I'm looked down upon if I talk about 2000-2017 teams at all; like we're suppose to ignore those nearly 20 years of the franchise's history, even though an entire generation of Bills fans grew up with those teams, for better or worse.

I'm thankful for the Bills team we have now and I'm also respectful of those great '90s teams I missed out on, but many Bills fans my age are maybe, just maybe, a bit tired of hearing about the teams we didn't grow up with and want to look forward more to the team we have now and will have.

Go Bills.

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