Earlier this week, rumors swirled that Ben & Jerry’s would be releasing a ‘Schweddy Balls’-flavored ice cream.

‘Saturday Night Live’ fans will remember ‘Schweedy Balls’ - from a double entendre-filled sketch, in which Baldwin played Pete Schweddy, a man who pushes the culinary virtues of his “popcorn balls, cheese balls, rum balls, you name it.”

Once Baldwin caught wind of Ben & Jerry’s alleged plans, he combined that with a rumor that he is considering a run for mayor of New York, offering this tweet to his potential constituents:  “My campaign promise: Shweddy Balls ice cream for all! Goodnight, John-Boy.”

We’re not sure if his tweet means he’s taking the idea of running for mayor seriously, or if it means New Yorkers really will end up with a taste of Baldwin’s schweedy balls if they elect him.  But good times either way.

Check out the sketch that launched all the fun below.

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