The Rock was on the Jumbotron last night when WWE's Monday Night Raw returned to Buffalo. The Rock was laying the smackdown on John Cena and talking about being the host of Wrestlemania. Which got us thinking why haven't we've seen actor Vin Diesel and The Rock in the same room?Besides different shades of tan, little differentiates the bald, beefy stars from one another, including their movie careers. Their film roles selected by both are virtually mirror images of one another, down to the similar trailers and movie posters. Which makes us wonder, could Vin Diesel and The Rock be the same man, in the dual role of a lifetime? Let's take a look at their respective filmographies:

Sci-Fi for Meatheads:

The Rock: "Doom"

Vin Diesel: "Riddick"

Kindergarten Cop Redux

Vin Diesel: "The Pacifier"

The Rock: "The Game Plan"

Dramatic Turn

Vin Diesel: "Saving Pvt. Ryan"

The Rock: "Gridiron Gang"

Hometown Vigilante

Vin Diesel: "A Man Apart"

The Rock: "Walking Tall"


Vin Diesel: "Knockaround Guys"

The Rundown

Animated Feature

Vin Diesel: "The Iron Giant"

The Rock: "Planet 51"