These 10 bands are some of the greatest in music history, but even they’ve written a dud here and there. It’s our Loud List of 10 Awful Songs by 10 Amazing Bands.

Any act worth a damn is going to experiment. Even the Beatles experimented quite a bit, and had a few misses in their otherwise stellar discography No matter how phenomenal the talent, a song can become a masterpiece or a clunker.

The world was abuzz in 2003 when Metallica announced St. Anger, the iconic thrash band’s first album in six years. Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly what longtime fan were expecting. There was a massive lack of guitar solos, poor production standards and a snare sound that’s now become legendary for all the wrong reasons. Despite solid record sales, the test of time hasn’t been kind to St. Anger or its title track.

Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple probably embody the spirit of diverse hard rock more than any other act, but they’ve taken some left turns in the past. To many, the antithesis of rock is country music. Both Zeppelin and Purple have taken dives in that direction with “Hot Dog” and “Anyone’s Daughter,” respectively, which caused many fans to turn up their noses.

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