I’m not graceful. My idea of “smooth” or “calm, cool and collected” is spilling a cup of anything all over a date or elegantly stumbling in a pair of flats.

I've had my fair share of tumbles and mishaps, and I'm surprised I haven't died from embarrassment (or even killed someone who suffers from my second-hand embarrassment).

About a month ago, I was running to one of my last college classes ever, phone in one hand and cup of steaming-hot coffee in the other. Bonus perk: The coffee was free. I was on top of the world -- even my lateness couldn’t bring me down. Or so I thought.

I was walking into the building, trying to open the door with one hand and balancing the coffee and my phone in the other, when my phone goes off. As I walk through the door frame, I look down at my phone -- safe, right? I was almost in the hallway on a walk I had done daily for four years. Except I forgot there was a little ledge before hitting the hallway.

Needless to say, I tripped my way into the hall. If that wasn't bad enough, that little trip sent me flying into the wall in front of me. In order to save my face, I stuck my hands out in front of me to break my fall -- yes, coffee cup still in hand.

I still slammed my face and thigh into the wall, but I also coated it with a nice caramel brown color from my cherished cup of coffee. Most of the coffee ended up on the wall, some in my hair and pants and some in my iPhone. I quickly looked up to assess the damage and was greeted by a girl staring at me about five feet away. She proceeded to ask if I was OK over and over and over, and I could only assure her that, yes, I was fine and I just wanted to get to class. Turns out the girl had been in my class for the past semester.

I don't know exactly what the wisdom should be in this story, but I'm (kind of) proud to say it isn't my first incident like this. But I've learned to laugh it off, and I've learned that gracefulness is overrated. Remember that even if something is embarrassing to you, at least any witnesses now have a funny story to tell.

Oh, and always clean up the coffee -- though it might be a good conversation piece at the 10-year reunion.

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