We all know that the Dallas Cowboys get the moniker of "America's Team," but man, Buffalo Bills fans have something to say about that. Bills Mafia has been doing amazing over recent years (outside of 2020, for obvious reasons) with attending away games.

Miami is always a big one. The Dolphins games are usually good to get tickets and many Buffalo transplants live in Florida.

However, there are two NFL cities in 2021 that Bills Mafia will absolutely be invading.

One of them is a team the Bills have faced the last few seasons, with the last two being on the road. The Tennessee Titans. The last two games against Tennessee have been on the road, with the game three years ago at home.

This year's game will also be at the Titans, and will take place on October 18th on Monday Night Football, so it will be the second-straight year the teams will play in prime time in Nashville.

If you remember, the 2019 game between the Bills and Titans features a MASSIVE amount of Bills fans making the trip to Nashville for the game. Many attended the game, but a good amount just watched the game outside the stadium and in local Nashville bars. It was just being there with the rest of Bills Mafia is what people were going for.

I have friends in Nashville and they said Bills Mafia literally took over the city that weekend. With restrictions loosening and more people getting vaccinated, you can bet Bills fans will invade Nashville again for the game.

The second game I'm expecting Bills Mafia to attend in droves is the Thanksgiving night game in New Orleans against the Saints.

Think about it. It's the start of the holiday season, and the night before Thanksgiving is already a huge party night...you add in New Orleans and Bourbon Street to the mix and the Bills on prime time, and you can bet many fans will be moving heaven and earth to attend that game.

I think it's safe to assume Bills fans will be in large numbers for other away games, such as Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa.

I can't wait for September. Go Bills.

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