Black Sabbath fans jonesing for an early taste of the band's upcoming '13' album got a treat May 15, when Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler showed up to debut some new material on the season finale of 'CSI.'

The band was shown performing the song in question, 'End of the Beginning,' during a scene from the guest star-packed episode, which revolved around a mystery involving a serial killer whose obsessions with Dante and the Bible led to some rather gruesome ends for his victims. In spite of a showy appearance from cable movie mainstay Eric Roberts, who played a minister/pimp, Sabbath stole the finale with their performance (embedded above), which even included a bit of post-concert dialogue from Osbourne.

All in all, it was a nice appetizer for '13,' which will end a 35-year drought between studio albums from the original Sabbath lineup when it arrives in stores on June 11. (You can have a look at the confirmed track listing, including the bonus tracks included on the deluxe edition, right here.) And for those who just have to have the real thing when it comes to live Sabbath, take a look at the band's summer 2013 tour dates to see how far you'll have to drive to catch them in person.

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