The World Champion Buffalo Bandits will be on TV all season thanks to the CW23.

The Bandits have a long, winning history in professional indoor lacrosse. They have won several championships, featured the greatest players ever, and built a rabid fanbase that is without a doubt the best in the league. Also, they are the most successful professional sports team in Buffalo's history with 5 World Championships.

One problem they have faced, however, is seeing them on television. While games are very affordable compared to the Buffalo Bills and Sabres, not everyone can make the trek to KeyBank Center and see the team. Plus, lacrosse remains an up-and-coming spectator sport and needs more eyes on it to grow. Over the past few years, more and more games have been on TV through outlets like ESPN. Now, you'll be able to see 14 of the games in Buffalo over the air on CW23.

The Buffalo Bandits announced a partnership with the CW23 today to broadcast their games live. The CW23 is owned and operated by WIVB News Channel 4.

You'll be able to watch the season opener when the Bandits travel to Albany this Saturday at 7 pm. You'll also be able to watch the home opener on Saturday, December 16 where the Bandits will raise their championship banner. Plus 12 more games. There are 18 total games in the regular season. The full list of games is in the tweet below.

This is a huge boost for the Bandits and lacrosse in Buffalo. For years fans have screamed that people need to pay more attention to the team, and this will be a huge boost.

Let's Go Bandits!

Buffalo Bandits Win the 2023 NLL Cup

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