Souls were crushed and hearts were broken on Tuesday night when Western New Yorkers drove by an iconic bar location – only to find it completely leveled in preparation for a new parking lot. 

A few months ago, Pocketeer Billiards and Sports Bar announced that they had purchased the bar next door, but many people did not realize what bar that was. 

The Clinton Bar & Grill, nearly 100-year long local staple, was the bar included in said purchase.  

At the time of the transaction, we did not know what Pocketeer Billiards and Sports Bar had planned to do with the property, but they shared their intentions on Facebook back in July. 

“As you all may know, we bought the bar next door.  We need more parking.

This announcement indicated that the bar would be demolished at some point, and on Tuesday night, the Clinton Bar & Grill became gravel and stone. 

Forgotten Buffalo posted the pictures of the destruction, reflecting on the years that the building flourished.

The building was constructed in 1931, and from 1947-1979, it was home to Casimir & Helen Handzlik’s Metropolitan Restaurant.

It was made popular with its iconic Dyngus Day events over the years.

We’re going to miss this part of Western New York’s history, but Pocketeer Billiards and Sports Bar in Cheektowaga seems to always be going out of their way to do events for the community and give back to our local heroes. 

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