Note from the editor: This article is pure speculation and a "what if?" scenario. There are no reports that the Buffalo Bills have any intention of moving from Buffalo as they work toward a new stadium deal with Erie County and New York State. 

Several months later after the initial talks of a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills, there are things that are still unable to find a compromise, and some Bills fans are getting concerned that the Bills may be moving out of Buffalo.

If you remember back in September, there were threats from the Buffalo Bills' owners Terry and Kim Pegula that the Buffalo Bills could be relocated to Austin while they were negotiating with the city of Buffalo to hand over a large chunk of taxpayer money for a new $1.5 billion stadium. 

Is that going to happen? Is it on the table?

Relocating to Austin isn’t so much of a concern anymore, especially when you realize “Mafia means family,” so Bills’ fans will come from all over the world in subzero weather to support their teams, and they would do the same even if the Buffalo Bills moved to Austin. 

The concern of the Bills franchise moving out of Buffalo is still prevalent, as just less than two months ago, the Pegulas sold their waterfront home, making some Bills’ fans curious if they did intend to move the NFL team out of our city.

Do the Pegulas own other property in the area? Yes, but there have been no mentions of any plans to sell their 50+ acre estate in East Aurora, so there is no reason to stress over the Bills potentially moving out of state.

If the Buffalo Bills did move out of Buffalo, here are the 3 cities that they should move to. 

3 Cities The Buffalo Bills Franchise Could Move To

Here are the 3 cities that we wouldn't mind the Bills moving to.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell mentioned before the Super Bowl that he was “encouraged" by the progress being made on the negotiations for a new Buffalo Bills stadium in Orchard Park. Goodell added, though, that time was imperative given the complexity of the negotiations. 

The plan, as of right now, is to build an open air stadium in Orchard Park with an estimated price tag of $1.4 billion. 

Terry and Kim Pegula have expressed that they will not sign an extension on the current lease if an agreement cannot be reached on the construction of a new stadium. 

So who’s to say where the new stadium will be?

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