It’s the best game you will find at the Erie County Fair, but you may be surprised how many people have not played it.

Since the pandemic, there have been an influx of people looking to move into the Buffalo area.  One real estate website showed data that proved people were looking to move to Buffalo at an increased rate of 107%.

That means that there are a lot of residents that are relatively new to Western New York who have not had a chance to play the most popular game at the fair.

I Got It!

For anyone who has lived in Western New York their whole life and grown up with the Best 12 Days of the Summer being one of the most anticipated times of the year, you already are familiar with the game, but do you remember what it’s like to play it for the first time?

Being a Buffalo transplant myself, I got the privilege of playing the game for the first time this weekend, and I had to record the adventure for my friends who will unfortunately never be able to enjoy one of the best games ever.

If you have no idea how to play I Got It! or what the game entails, you basically just toss yourself into the mix (pun intended).

It’s basically like bingo but with little balls, as someone told me going into my first-ever game. 

It’s a lot of fun, and it is one of the highlights of the Erie County Fair, but did you know the game originated in Buffalo?

According to a news article from WKBW, Orrin Catlin and his family helped get the game started back in 1961 after they built the original set in their garage out in Blasdell. 

The game came about as a result of BINGO! was outlawed at fire halls in the early 1960s. The Victory Volunteer Fire Company were holding a fundraiser, which led to the first debut of I Got It!.

The tradition of playing the game continues every year at the Erie County Fair and festivals around the area, and each year, we add a few more players to the ever-growing list of game participants. 

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