There was breaking news in downtown Buffalo on Friday morning.

Traffic is blocked off by emergency vehicles on Oak Street at the corner of Genesee after a building partially collapsed in Buffalo on Friday morning.

According to WIVB, a warehouse roof collapsed at the corner of Oak and Genesee. It damaged a nearby car that was parked next to the building.

Because of the placement of the building's partial collapse, the westbound off-ramp coming off Route 33 is blocked off. Traffic is backed up on the 33 and other streets around the building are closed off for emergency personnel. Vehicles are being diverted off before they reach the 33 off-ramp.

We were down there and it appears the interior of the warehouse collapsed in on itself as the rook caved in and debris is scattered on Oak Street in front of the building.

Here's a video of the building partially collapsing from across the street.

Many pedestrians are standing nearby watching the scene play out as both police and firefighters are surrounding the warehouse.

Buffalo Fire Commissioner William Renaldo says that the building is old and was in the process of being renovated. Nobody to their knowledge was in the building at the time and they will begin the process today of partially taking it down and clearing debris. They will make a determination of whether the entire building needs to be demolished at a later time

Right now, there isn't any additional information but we will update this post as more is known about the building and what led to the collapse.

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