Bacon goes with everything, but Burger King has gone too far with their bacon sundae which goes nationwide tomorrow. How could this even have a chance of tasting good.  I understand that this is a fast food restaurant, and I'm not expecting healthy options, but bacon on a Sundae? At Burger King you can have it your way, but I can honestly say I have never wanted it this way. Have we just given up?Forget the fact that the bacon sundae has 510 calories, with 17 grams of fat and  61 grams of sugar you might as well call your cardiologist right now. Last year KFC introduced the Double Down, a bacon sandwich that uses breaded chicken instead of bread, that chimes in at 610 calories and 37 grams of fat.

I don't agree with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg outlawing 32 oz soda drinks, but when you see people buying crap like the bacon sundae and the Double Down, you have to wonder if it needs to be regulated. That isn't a choice the government should make for us, but next time you're at a fast food joint and see some thunder thighs chowing down on these bacon monstrosities, you have to wonder if it's the only way to curb the obesity problem.