It never ceases to amaze me the amount of talent that we have here in the Buffalo and Niagara Region. From world class athletes to singers and musicians, we are blessed to be among some very gifted individuals. Perhaps that is you or someone that you know?

The fall is here and so is the return of some of the most popular television shows. Typically, the fall and the spring are the most important rating periods for networks who try to put their best shows and programs on for viewers.

Here in the states, one of the big talent shows is America's Got Talent and it's cousin Canada's Got Talent will be filming just north of Buffalo in Niagara Falls Canada. From Toronto to Vancouver to Niagara Falls, some of the best Canadian talents will be on display.

We host our own "competition" style event each year. The WYRK Taste of Country Riser competition happens in the late fall every year and the winner(s) will get the chance to perform at and open the Toyota Taste of Country the following spring/summer. The Taste of Country initially was held at Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park New York and featured the Colgate Country Showdown. It is at these events that you wonder "where have these singers been hiding?"

Good luck to all the contestants and if you are one of the fans in attendance, enjoy seeing some of the best that the region has to offer.

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