Dogs are said to be "man's best friend" but two Cheektowaga Police officers turned the tables when they found a dog in distress over the holidays.

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According to WIVB-TV, Police were alerted to a dog in Ellicott Creek near Genesee Street in Cheektowaga.

Officers struggled to reach the dog, as the creek has a steep embankment in that area.

It was a treacherous effort both for the dog, named Gracie, and the two Cheektowaga Police officers who rescued her.

Officer James Rutkowski first on the scene reacted immediately.

“The parking lot that I chose just happened to be lucky. I could hear the dog howling, So I knew I was close, and I know I had to act.”

Gracie is a boxer recently saved from a puppy mill in Ohio.

Cheryl Pietromicca is currently fostering Gracie hoping to adopt through Furever Friends.

“We adore Gracie. She’s already a member of our family, so we fully intend on adopting her as soon as we can.”

The day started with Cheryl taking to Gracie to Lancaster Animal Hospital when Gracie got spooked and ran off.

Lorissa Warden, who works for the hospital, spotted Gracie and kept an eye on her until the officers arrived.

When they reached Gracie...

“Jim hoisted it out of the water where it was stuck on the branch over to me, and then he kind of swung it over to me cause he was out on a limb, and I lifted up to someone else who was onshore.”


Office Blackcheif told reporters from News 4, “I have three dogs, so I really care for my dogs, and I’m sure the person who owns this dog really cares for [her] dog.”

It turned out to be a very Happy New Year for Gracie, Cheryl, and her police rescuers.


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