When was the last time you took a tour underwater? And no, I am not suggesting getting actually wet in the water.  I am suggesting visiting the Aquarium of Niagara.

Western New York has so many great indoor facilities that not only amuse and entertain. They also, inform and educate every patron that visits.

For all that are interested in the green, and no I am not talking about the 4:20 variety. There is no better place than The Botanical Gardens.  It is a great place to get away, relax, see and experience all the beautiful plants and flowers from around the world.

The Buffalo Zoo is for anyone who enjoys animals with two legs or four, walking, flying, slithering, climbing, or swimming. And speaking of swimming.

If you are into the aquatic world, this weekend is very special at the Aquarium of Niagara. You can help celebrate the birthday of Mother Nature's best-dressed creatures, penguins Smitty and Jules.

WGRZ reports that the Aquarium is celebrating their birthdays celebrating that they were the first to hatch at the facility in 14 years. They are definitely cute, comical, and now available for you to see

The aquarium will host "penguin days" activities and presentations today (April 16) and tomorrow (April 17) during its regular hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more info on all the penguin happenings CLICK HERE. To avoid the frozen out CLICK HERE to purchase tickets ahead of time

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