It's somewhat typical to see the city of Buffalo near the top of lists that have negative connotations.....Crime Rate, Teen Pregnancy, Worst Nightlife, Hardest Place To Find A Job, ...or whatever.  In this latest list of Top 20 Tax Procrastinating Cities....congrats Buffalo, we didn't make the list.  This is the 11th year TurboTax has put out the list.  Leading the way is San Francisco, California!  For some reason those hippie sunchildren just can't get their act together and procrastinate when it comes to filing their taxes.  In at #2 is.....

New York, New York....yep, the Big Apple is soooo great!!  Well, you're not so great at managing your taxes, are ya??

#3- Washington, DC

#4- Los Angeles, California

#5- Seattle,  Washington



(Metro Source)