Yes, Danny Worsnop returned to tour with Asking Alexandria and has plans for new music with We Are Harlot, but he's also checking off one more box on the "to do" list, issuing his long-awaited and highly anticipated country album this year. We just got another new video from The Long Road Home disc, as Worsnop knocks more than a few back with the clip for "Don't Overdrink It."

While we're not exactly sure what's in those shot glasses, it's evident that Worsnop has quite the tolerance, downing shot after shot while singing the song at a bar.

"Don't overdrink it, you know that's what I'm thinking / When you try to get it all in one night that s--t never works out right / Don't overdrink it, that ship's gonna come in sinking / It'll keep your hope afloat if you have just enough to let it go, but don't overdrink it," sings Worsnop in the chorus.

There's no mistaking the country swing of the song, which may surprise some of Worsnop's fans who were unaware of the album's direction. But if you like what you hear and want to hear more, be sure to check out The Long Road Home when it arrives on Feb. 17. For pre-order info on a variety of bundle options, click here.

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