Former Governor Andrew Cuomo is in the dog house. Is there not enough room for two?

It's hard to believe but Andrew Cuomo is no longer the Governor of New York State. His last day in office was yesterday and his Lieutenant Governor, Kathy Hochul was sworn into office as the 57th and the first female governor of the state.

Cuomo decided to step down shortly after the slew of sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo were found to have merit. Cuomo resigned from office but he still denies that he behaved inappropriately.

There were surprisingly a lot of people who wanted him to remain our state's leader.

As if New Yorkers didn't needed one more reason to dislike the former Governor we were hit with some shocking news late last night. On his last day, Business Insider reported that Cuomo had apparently ditched his dog and left him at the Governor's Mansion last week.

It was also reported that Cuomo was coming back for the dog when he returned from vacation.

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