Exploring dinosaurs was always fun when I was a kid. This weekend, kids and adults of all ages can experience everything dinosaurs!

According to WIVB, DinoFEST is back at the Buffalo Museum of Science.

Friday night (November 8th) will be for the adults though. People 21 or older can experience fun activities, live music, and a cash bar.

Saturday will be fun for all ages! That day will really be about learning all about Dinosaurs but doing it in a fun and interactive way.

“Learning’s all about playing, especially in science,” said Sarajane Gomlak-Greene, the director of museum programs and experiences at the Buffalo Museum of Science, “So giving people an opportunity to really look at things they haven’t looked at before but really just get their brains moving.”

Ravage Promotions will even be bringing some of the most famous dinos back to life, such as the raptor and T-rex!!

You can find out more about tickets here.

Read the full story at WIVB.


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